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Monday September 5- Labor Day- Salt Lake City

It was pretty warm, 70, when we went to bed last night. We thought it odd that the air conditioner was on all night, never cycling off. When we went to check it this morning we found that we had a broken thermostat. Bob checked at the Camping World website and found one, so we drove south to the Camping World. They could not find it, so they should have it tomorrow when  the regular staff are working.

We drove over to the LDS Genealogy Center, and found where the parking is located. We are not that far away in the RV park. We stopped at Office Max to pick up some supplies that we are going to need when we go to the LDS Genealogy center. We also needed flash drives, so we ran over to Walmart to buy them as they are much cheaper at Walmart.

We arrived back in time to walk the dogs and then to head over to happy hour. New people were there, including the couple that I had met at the Escapade, who had done the seminar on Genealogy, Pete and Connie. Surprise, Connie has family in Atchison KS, where Bob is from, so they ended up chit chatting about Atchison.

There was a lot of discussion on Genealogy, so we were learning while having a good time. Later, it was back to the motor home for dinner, and more genealogy. We are trying to get done as much as we can while we have people who we can talk to and learn from….

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