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Saturday September 3- Travel from Rawlins to North Salt Lake City

We left Western Hills RV Park and traveled west on I-80 across the rest of Wyoming. You would think that this would have been boring, but the scenery is constantly changing. I was driving first today. We noted that we passed across the Continental Divide at around mile post 200.  Bob looked on the state map and found that we would be crossing it again at milepost 158. The continental divide does a  sort of circular loop in this area, forming the Great Divide Basin. West of the basin the water drains west, and east it drains east, but in the basin it does not drain at all! It just sits there and evaporates; not that there is any water there at this time of year! The Great Divide Basin is 3900 square miles. South of Rawlins, the divide rejoins, and continues running south. You can see in this picture with the cliffs why the basin does not drain water!004

We stopped at Little America again, to buy diesel. This time we wandered into the buildings. This is nothing like South of the Border. They have a small gift shop, restaurant and motel. They are missing a great opportunity!

We continued into Utah, stopping at the rest area/information center. We picked up some brochures and took a picture of the “Welcome To Utah” sign. 007

We walked the dogs to the overlook and took these pictures.



Not long after our arrival in Utah, we exited onto I-84 north traveling about 32 miles. We turned south on SR 89 to I-15 south, traveling to I-215. We did this to avoid downtown Salt Lake City. At the first exit we turned off to our destination of Pony Express RV Park. This is a very nice park, with large pull-thru concrete sites, FHU 50 amp. We were lucky, as they extended the $30 Rally fee to us, per night, instead of the $ 42 per night regular fee, since it is Labor Day weekend.

After settling in, we went over to Barbara and Lee’s motor home for happy hour! Bob and Vila Lee Ed joined us and we had a nice time talking about the Escapade, Escapees, RV’s, and genealogy.

Around 7 we left and went to dinner at Village Inn. I had not been to a Village Inn since my nursing school in Petersburg VA.  Once we returned to the motor home we took the dogs for a nice long walk around the park.

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