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Wednesday August 31- Gillette WY- Escapade

Bob did not have anything he wanted to go to this morning, so he walked the dogs and rode his bike over to the main building to request service on our Blue Ox. The Blue Ox tow bar is how we connect the car to the motor home for towing. We found out at happy hour last evening that they do a complete service for $25 including changing all the nuts and bolts. So he is going to get on the list. When he started thinking about the mileage that we have put on the bar, he is thinking we have towed the car about 25K.

I went to “Get the Most from Your Digital Camera”. I had gone to this last year, but hoped that I could pick up some more information. The guy, Phil, is British and very entertaining with is British humor.

After that, I returned to the motor home. I worked on getting ready for the BOF Row. BOF is Birds of a Feather, and we were manning the table for the Pet Lovers BOF from 12-4. The gal that runs this BOF is in Canada and could not make the Escapade this year, so when she asked for volunteers, we decided to volunteer.  Once I finished with running off some paperwork, I tried to call McAfee again. They kept saying they were transferring me to technical support or customer service, then hanging up on me, same as yesterday. So I used the online tech help. I had a lot of trouble with that and after 50 minutes, I told the tech that he was giving me too much of a run around and to just refund my money and take the software off the computer. At this point I had to leave, as Bob had to stay in the motor home because the oil change guy was working on the motor home. So he finished with the  McAfee tech and who put in a patch. I have found my pictures, but the picture that I want will not transfer to Picasa, then it disappeared again! I want McAfee gone, now I just need the time to get this taken care of….  that is not happening for a few more days!

I went over to the main building and set up the table. I ended up sharing a table with the BOF for International Travel. When Bob arrived, I went table to table playing their game, hoping to win a door prize. I also went to the camera guy’s booth. I keep running out of space on my photo card. Turns out it did not have enough memory for my newer camera. Phil just looked at the card and said “how old is this anyway!” It was from my previous camera and was 512 mb, so I ended up buying a 8G card, which  not only holds more pictures(2700), but is much faster. He also looked at the camera for the sport icon, as I had problems at the rodeo trying to capture pictures of the riders. He could not find the icon, so I need to pursue this with Nikkon. My old Olympus took great pictures of people in motion.

I also stopped at the Walgreen booth and had a flu shot. Now it was Bob’s turn to do  the trip around for the game ( this just meant finding out which tables had which logo then putting it in for the drawing). He also had his flu shot.

Every one started packing up at 3:30, so we did also. We went back to the motor home, walked the dogs, then at 4:30 we had the Elks BOF yearly meeting and happy hour. There was more happy hour than there was meeting. The Elks group donated 20K to CARE!002-1

Also, I forgot to add that there were 833 baby caps donated to the Campbell County Memorial Maternal-Child Unit!

While we were working the BOF table, the lady next to me was knitting a lap throw for injured veterans. She gave me the information so I might do a couple of those over the winter.

We returned to the motor home, snacked ( it seems like all we do is eat). Then we were off at 7 PM for the door prize drawings003-1

They brought this lady up to the stage. I had seen her earlier in the day, before she put on the neck brace.. She has attended all of the Escapades and has these tags to prove it. This thing weighs 10 lbs! I had told Bob and about her and said to him I hope she has a Chiropractor appointment before she leaves Friday!

The evening entertainment was the  Ham-o-ram-a. The Ham-o-ram-a is just what it sounds like. A bunch of ‘hams’ get up and entertain the crowd. They were much better than we thought they were going to be.


These two gentlemen were played music ( harmonica on the left)to each of the armed services songs, while the vets from each of the services were to stand to be applauded during their Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force and Coast Guard song.  It was a very nice tribute.


This gal did a fair imitation of Loretta Lynn singing Coal Miners Daughter.


Remember Minnie Pearl? This lady was Pearl from Arkansas. She was a hoot!


This guy sang John Denver’s “Country Roads” and was very good! He had the whole crowd singing along.


This guy was the MC. He was the real ‘ham’ of the group. They were jokingly going to drag him off the stage. He told some awful jokes! But he  was a good speaker and kept the show moving.


This was the line dance class. Since I have had this cold, I did not do the line dancing this year and I really missed it!

Next was intermission, where they had everyone stand up to stretch and do the YMCA song, with the line dancers leading the group. It was a lot of fun! Some people even started a conga line and were dancing around the room.


This gentleman is an award winning cowboy story teller. He was also the MC for the door prizes each day. He also told jokes. 014

This lady played a pretty waltz on the accordion. One couple from the audience started dancing, and they were very good!  There were several other performers. Two ladies who sang, but not all that well. A guy who read Johnny Cash’s “ Flag” and two pretty silly skits. 015

Our new friends, Marty and Janie from the Class of 2010, were the final performers. They did a very nice folk song. Then they dedicated a song to the Class of 2010 and we all stood up and waved to the crowd. Bob had suggested the tune and Janie ran with it, writing a cute little ditty! They are going to perform it again tomorrow night  at our pot luck, so that I can tape it for You-tube, to put it on our Facebook page. I hope to have the link for in this blog for tomorrows issue. It is really cute!

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