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Thursday September 1- Gillette WY–Escapade

What a day! We both dragged out of bed this morning. Bob says he is coming down with my cold.  Since it is the first of the month, Bob gave the dogs their heart worm pill and put on the flea stuff. Meanwhile I was trying to get some clothes washed so that I could hang them up before we left for the first seminar.

We made it over to the main building by 8:30  for the first seminars. I went to “Blogs and Genealogy.” Bob went to the “Boondocking Discussion Panel”. Bob got a couple of important items out of the discussion, mainly about small usages of AC electric. I was on a roll. I have done a little Genealogy, but ran into road blocks. The seminar re-energized me. So we joined the Genealogy BOF ( $4 for the year). They are having a rally next week in Salt Lake City. As we always say, our plans are made in Jell-o, so we are changing directions and heading back west in the morning. We signed up for the rally ( getting the last available site as I was the first one there with a check) and added 3 nights prior to the rally to our itinerary. I am going to work more on finding about my mothers family and Bob is going to work on his mother’s family.

We both skipped the second seminars although we both had ones to go to. Another load of laundry done! We ate a quick lunch, and headed back over for the make-up session that Verizon  held the other day. This was the one that Bob left due to not being able to hear. They scheduled a make-up in a room with better acoustics.It was pretty good. The guy did not like the IPhone, but really likes the IPad 2. We have been considering an IPad 2, so  that is good news. He was really hot on the Droids.

Then we went to “Picasa: Beyond the Basics”seminar. It was very helpful. While in the class, it occurred to Bob that we have the piece for the GPS going to the campground in Colorado, that we are now not going to visit. So Bob headed back to the motor home and had the part shipped to Salt Lake City.

I went to the closing ceremony, just in case we won a door prize. The grand prize was a caravan trip to New Orleans, so the place was packed. It was very short, but Bob managed to arrive back in time to see the ending.

We returned to the motor home, and Bob walked the dogs. I put last night’s picture on our new Facebook Class of 2010 site, worked on more laundry, and started the packing process for tomorrow.

We went to Walmart and picked up bread and fried chicken for the Class of 2010 pot luck. We had 2 new members arrive, but they left before the picture. 017-1

Here is the link to the Class of 2010 song. My first ever upload to YouTube.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dY2tD6hQ9Q     right click on the link and click on open hyperlink.

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