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Tuesday August 30- Gillette WY–Escapade

I felt much better this morning. We were off to the seminars, but first it was a stop at the donuts. Every morning they have doughnuts in the hospitality area, and today the money all went to CARE. They were sure raking in the dough! CARE stands for Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees. This is called a Day Care program, but it is also an Assisted Living in your RV, located in Livingston Texas, complete with nurses and nursing assistants,  at the Escapees RV park.  Escapees raise money for this all year long and at some time, Bob and I have to go volunteer there to be eligible to use the service if we ever need it….

I also dropped off crochet baby hats. Fifty-two of them! You thought all I did on those winter evenings was watch TV! The hats are donated by the Escapees to the hospital in the town where the Escapade is located each year. 004

I went to the seminar on “The Great River Road by RV”, about following the Mississippi River from inception in Minnesota to the end in the Gulf of Mexico. Bob went to “Droids, Broadband, Air Cards and more”. The sound was so bad in the room Bob went to, that the next thing I knew he was sitting next to me. The seminar was interesting, but the presenter finished the “river”presentation in 30 minutes and then went to spend the next hour on why we should sign up for his caravan trips.  Too bad, as he could very well have done an hour presentation and half an hour on selling his caravan trips! Also, he needed to use Picasa for his pictures since most of them needed work! Fortunately, the questions dried up in about 15 minutes, so the seminar ended  very early!

Neither of us found an interesting seminar for the next session, so we returned to the motor home and made a grocery list. We headed off to the Walmart Superstore. When we returned, we ate lunch, then took a nap. Again, neither of us found a seminar we wanted to go to this afternoon. We have decided that next year we will be volunteers for the Escapees, not just attendees, as this is a social event, not just a learning experience.

Bob decided we needed the oil changed in the motor home. He was planning  to get it done in Denver, but suddenly realized that we did not have time. So he went back over to the main building to arrange to have the oil changed  by the vendor who is here at the rally. He ended up signing up on a list.

At 4:15 we met up with the Class of 2010 in the hospitality area for a happy hour.image

In the picture above are: starting on the left- Marty  Bates and Janie Stein, my Bob, Bob and Suzzanne Thomason, Steve and Karen Sawyer, Bob Carmichael( his wife BJ wasn’t there) and me.

We returned to the motor home for dinner, then went to the plaza behind the main building for the “Sunset Star Party”. A star party is where you go out and search out stars. Here is an early picture, as it became darker, the number of people doubled. 009-1

There were door prizes for people who found the stars on the list. I had trouble seeing them until it became darker. The guy running  the party was a retired high school astronomy teacher, so he was very knowledgeable. It really became interesting when a lady pulled out her I-pad 2, with an app on it that showed the stars. Now, this was the app for us novices. You point the I-pad at the sky and it shows you where the stars are and adds a picture of the name. (This does this without the internet). For instance there is an eagle and a scorpion. It puts them on the screen with lines following the stars so you can see what you are looking at…. how cool is that!  The guy in  the center of the picture is the guy running this. He had set up some really powerful telescopes and he had a green laser pointer, where he could point to the stars to show you what he was talking about. It was interesting and fun! Not your normal evening…

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