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Monday August 29- Gillette WY Escapade

I woke up sick this morning. Seems like it might be a cold, but not a full fledge one. So I drugged up and we both went to the first seminar. This one was ”Intro to Picasa”  given by Chris and Jim Guild. Chris had helped me fix my computer last year at the Gypsy Journal Rally. Picasa is a free picture software from Google. I have been having a problem with Window Live Picture Gallery. All of a sudden, when I crop a picture, the picture disappears. I had a terrific picture on the 23rd of a bison mama and with her baby, crossing the road right in front of us. Lost!  So I am switching programs! Bob and I both enjoyed the seminar. Then we both went to the seminar on “Identity theft” which was okay, but we didn’t learn anything that we didn’t know.

After picking up our mail, we went back to the motor home for lunch. Ugh, our bread was moldy, so we popped a pizza in the microwave. Chris was not sure what my problem was with the Windows program, so I went online and discovered that it is McAfee. I did not want McAfee but it came with my laptop. I had discovered with my last laptop that once you have it, it is really difficult to get rid of it, as it keeps interfering with the other anti-viral software.  So I had just renewed it when it came due. Not a happy camper. So I called their service and spoke to somebody in India, who did not speak English. Have to call back, as he was taking too long. Maybe next call I will not get someone who keeps calling me Janeece

For the 1 PM seminars, Bob went to “Honey, lets clean the RV” while I went to “Alaska: The Ultimate RV Destination”. Mike and Terri Church gave this seminar, and we had seen them before at other rallies and really liked them.

I stopped by Chris’s booth and told her it was the McAfee. She said this is the reason they stopped recommending any of the security software’s. We also asked them about the new Rand McNally GPS. There is a really good deal through the Escapees website, but Rand McNally is trying to dump the 5” ones and are coming out with a 7” one, so we are going to wait until October when the new ones come out. I had seen the trucker version at the Flying J, and while Bob was pumping, I had been playing with it! Really neat!

I returned to the motor home and Bob went to “How to Buy LED lighting”. I took a much needed nap, as I had been up most of the night. I met Bob at 4:30 at the First Timers Social. This is not our first time, but we decided to crash it with the rest of the Class of 2010 group. We added one couple, so now we are up to 10 of us. We know there are more people, we just have not found them, yet. Bob is considering putting up a Facebook group for us, as people have not been responding on the Escapees page.

We had a really nice time, then returned  to the motor home for dinner. Neither of us were really hungry, so we had cheese and crackers. At 7 PM we went over to the main building. There was a weather alert, but they kept us in the building. It rained pretty hard, and there might have been sleet. Didn’t win any of the door prizes, again!

Tonight’s entertainer was Gordy Pratt, “The Original Fabulous, ONE Guy.” He was pretty good, and an excellent guitar player. He has opened for Kenny Chesney and the Beach Boys. He does funny songs, and our favorite was about South Dakota, and really nice guitar playing. 003-1

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