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Sunday August 28- Gillette WY Escapade

The weather changed on us. Today was cooler, with temps in the 80’s. Much nicer, although there is a pretty strong wind.

We raced over to the main building and found that we did not have to be there for the BOF today. Only certified BOF’s were there today. That was okay, we wandered around the vendors again.

Bob was looking for some waterless cleaner for the motor home and car. Most of the campgrounds will not let you wash your vehicles and we really need to work on the motor home. We had hoped to get it detailed while we were here, but there is no detailer this year.

We decided to go to McDonalds for lunch, as I was having a fish sandwich craving. Then off to Walmart to pick up an 8GB thumb drive. I have filled my 2 GB with articles and needed a new one to be able to back up the last three articles that I had completed.

At 3 PM we went over to the main building for the opening ceremonies. Escapees was started by Kay and Joe Peterson. Joe died last fall and Kay is in bad health so she was not here. Their daughter and son-in-law have inherited the business, but his mother died this week, so none of the original family are here, which is the first time this has happened. There are plenty of volunteers to take up the slack.

After the opening ceremony, everyone went outside for ice cream. We ran into Debbie and Tom and stopped to talk with them for awhile. We returned to the motor home, ate dinner, and waited to see if anyone arrived for the Class of 2010 get together.

We had 6 people arrive. That was better turn out than we thought it was going to be, as the RSVP’s were from people who are not in Wyoming! We hung out until almost 7 PM, then we went over to the main hall. They did lots of door prize drawings then at 7:45 they introduced Jimmy Travis. I had never heard of him., he is a singer-comedian and he was very good. We had heard that he had done a show with the Escapees in the past and was brought back by demand. He knew is audience, playing to a group of older RV’ers.


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