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Saturday August 27- Travel Casper to Gillette- Escapade

We drove out of the Ft. Casper RV Park at 8:25 driving south to the Flying J for diesel. This was a small Flying J, but the only easy in and out, and least expensive diesel that Bob could find on our trip. It is located right on I-25, so after re-fueling, we drove north on the interstate to exit 210, SR 259. There is so little traffic on this road that there was a yield sign instead of a stop sign at the end of the exit ramp!

We cruised about 17 miles then turned onto SR 387 east, drove 42 miles then turned north on SR 59 which took us into Gillette. At the second traffic light we turned onto the road to the Cam-Plex. Whoever had this idea was a winner! The Cam-Plex is a huge complex in this small town, built for Rodeo, the Speedway, and RV rallies. The place is huge and has several RV Parks. They have parked us in every other site, which is nice, since that gives us a lot of space between RV’s.

After set up and lunch, we drove over to the main building. We could have ridden our bikes  but the the temperature was 99 with bright sunshine, so it was a little too hot for a bike ride. We checked-in, then wandered through the vendors. We spotted a Blue Ox vendor, which is the type of hitch that we have for towing the car. We bought a cover for our hitch. Somewhere along our travels we had lost our cover. The cover is used while we are stopped., not while driving. Good thing we asked. They only had 3, although they are expecting more to come in later in the week.

We stopped at the Escapees booth to say hi to Debbie and Tom. They are manning the booth as volunteers for the week. We picked up our Rally t-shirts, which we had pre-ordered and a new sticker for the car. Our current one is starting to fray from when we wash the back window.

Back at the motor home, we were having problems with cooling down the RV. We have full hook-ups, but only 30 amp. We kept setting off the breaker on the electric pedestal outside.  We have two compressors for the air conditioner in the basement, and we were only running one. But, we were also running the roof air conditioner that we had installed last summer. That popped the breaker. So we turned it off. We also have some fans running. Bob turned on the TV to set the satellite, and that blew the breaker, as did the microwave. Bob set up the 20 amp line to the outside box, but that also popped the breaker. Finally, he moved the refrigerator to propane, and that seemed to do the trick. The refrigerator must take quite a bit of electric. So we tried turning on both air conditioner compressors, and that seemed to work. It at least brought the inside temp down to 80 degrees.  Of course, our planned dinner was leftover spaghetti from the other night, so we needed to run the microwave to re-heat it. That meant that we had to turn off the air to run the microwave. So that is what we did, and we were able to eat dinner with hot food, with the two compressors running.

I had put a notice up on the bulletin board and sent an email to the Class of 2010, inviting them for a get- together at our RV tomorrow evening. So once that was done, we started working on our schedules. We have volunteered to man the table for the Pet BOF (birds of a feather). We have been members of this group since before we started traveling. The gal who actually runs the group is traveling in eastern Canada, so she could not be here for the Escapade. So another couple and the two of us volunteered to man the booth. Since the other couple are also manning another booth, we will be doing most of the work this rally. Chris thought it was just on Wednesday for four hours, but it is also on the schedule for tomorrow form 10-2.

I printed  a couple of copies of the newsletter and am waiting for her to send me the rest of the info that I need for in the morning.

After is cooled off, we took the bikes for a ride around the complex. It was a really nice evening for a ride. Lots of people were out walking also.

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  1. You guys are missing all the excitement back in Maryland.
    Earthquakes, Hurricanes, congress coming back to town and who
    know what else!!!!

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