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Friday August 26- Casper WY

First thing this morning Bob crawled under the motor home and really looked at the broken jack. Yup, the bolt is gone, and that is what the recall was about. So he went over to a large RV dealership and checked on the issue. They do not have the part, but they do have a dealership in Gillette, our next stop. So they called the other dealership and Gillette is going to order the part. They are not sure when it is going to come in, but hope it will be before we leave on Sept. 2.

When Bob returned to the motor home he crawled around underneath making sure that the other 3 jacks are okay. One was loose and the other 2 were a bit loose. So he tightened them. Another thing to add to his monthly to do list will be to check these regularly.

We had the nicest thing happen! I had completed a survey for Coulter Bay RV Park that they had sent me online. I had said in the survey that I was sorry that we had to leave early due to the smoke from the forest fire effecting my asthma, especially since they are more expensive than we usually pay for an RV site( $ 56 per night plus tax). Within 15-20 minutes they sent me a receipt for our stay and they had refunded one day’s payment, including the tax! Wasn’t that a nice surprise. I sent a thank you email.

We decided to go out to lunch, so Bob looked up places on the internet. While he was doing that, I discovered that my editor had sent 4 more articles for me to work with. I had missed the email and he needed them ASAP. . I worked on one, then we went to lunch at a Mexican Restaurant called Guadalajara. It was excellent!

Then we stopped at the local hardware store for a board that Bob can put under the jack until we get the repair completed. Then it was off to the Super Walmart.The Walmart had a liquor store! So we went in and bought Bob some beer. He purchased  two 6 pack’s of the Sam Adams, one of  Oktoberfest and one Cherry Wheat.

Back to the grind on the articles, I was able to complete two, so I have two more to go. The weather was hot again today, with temps in the upper 90’s. We can see rain in the distance, but the water never seems to reach the ground. It dissipates in the air prior to reaching the ground since it is so dry here!

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  1. Are you all going to be going to Colorado springs?
    If so I need a favor.


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