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Thursday August 25- Travel from Riverton to Casper WY

We took our time this morning as the change over time in Casper was 12:00. We left Wind River RV park at 10 AM, traveling south-east on SR 26. As soon as we left Riverton we ran into construction. You know the old saying, there are four seasons, fall, winter, spring and construction!

This time the pilot car only took us about 3 miles and all of it was paved. After that it was clear sailing. The speed limit was 65, but we cruised at 55 to save on diesel, since we had plenty of time. Our trip was only 117 miles. SR 26 was a nice two lane road, with minimal traffic. The scenery was a little boring, as it was high prairie/desert.



We arrived in Casper at about 12:40, after making a stop at a rest area for lunch.  We had a problem finding the RV park. Google maps told us to turn left, when we should have turned right. We are having a problem with our Garmin GPS. The place that you plug it in on the GPS is not connecting, so we had run out of juice, making it non-functioning. . Finally, I jumped up and retrieved our Trailer Life Directory, and  found the campground. in the directory,  but the directions were useless. Fortunately, they had an ad on the next page, with a map and better directions. By this time, we had driven past the RV park two times! It is located behind Ft. Casper, the historical village. There was a small sign, which both of us missed.

We checked in; this is a Passport America park, so we received a nice discount. The price was $20.25 per night, for full hook-up with 50 amp. We are staying at the Isaak Walton League Ft. Casper RV Park.

When we were setting up, Bob discovered that we had lost one of the foot pads on the electronic levelers. Not sure when or where this happened, but he did not notice it missing yesterday, so we kind of assume we lost it today.

We left the RV park and our first stop was a car wash. Driving through the construction, over the wet dirt road, yesterday, had done a real number on the towed car. It was filthy! As in so bad, it was almost dangerous to drive.

After a nice car wash, we went to the visitor center in the Chamber of Commerce, to pick up literature on  the area. Then to Best Buy to see if we could find a part for the GPS. No luck with the GPS, so we will have to order one. We arrived back at the motor home, and Bob checked on what kind of levelers that we have. Turns out they were recalled due to the bolts coming loose and the pads falling off! So he is trying to get us in for the repair, or to pick up the part so he can fix it. Plus in the AM he is going to have to check the other 3 to make sure that they are tight. The recall started in 2004, so we do not know if they have been repaired before we bought the motor home in 2007.  There is usually a little sticker on the door for each recall, and there is not one for this repair. We’ll see what happens….

Here is what it should look like:008

Here is what the broken one looks like with a board under it for support.  Note the mud from the construction yesterday!007

The temperature today was 99. We had some sprinkles, and the temp dropped to 78. It has looked like rain all afternoon, so we cooked spaghetti for dinner and cooked dog food while we had the stove up and running.

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