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Wednesday August 24- Moose search, Jackson, travel to Riverton

We were up at 6 AM, again, out the door by 7AM and drove straight to Gros Verde to look for the moose. We stopped at one place, and there was nothing there. So we moved about 1/2 a mile east, joining several other groups of people looking. Nothing there, so we returned to the first spot.

The folks that were there now said that the moose had shown up, around the time that the herd of bison and elk moved from across the river, crossing the road and going over to the north side of the road. We missed it! We did get to see pictures that the other folks took! Oh well…

Since we were so far south, we continued into Jackson and went to the grocery store. On the road back, we noticed that the smoke from the forest fire was getting much, much worse. We could hardly see the mountains, this picture shows how bad it had gotten!024

The smoke had even reached the campground, and we are miles north. It was bothering my breathing, setting off my asthma, so we decided to pack up and leave a day early. We had arrived back at the motor home at 11, and by 12:30 we were on the road.

We drove south on SR 89, turning east in Moran onto SR 22. The next large town was Dubois, 55 miles away. It took us 2 hours to go the 55 miles! There was construction, over the Togwotee Pass. We sat for quite awhile, waiting for the pilot car to lead us through the construction. We followed him for about 10 miles, across a horrible road. When he left us we drove on a nice two lane road for about 5 miles, before it started all over again. We sat for 20 minutes, waiting for the pilot car, then followed it for about 2 miles this time.

We continued on through Dubois, watching another forest fire to our south. This one is about 2000 acres and was out of control. Near Dubois, we started driving along the Windy River. It was well named! The wind really picked up, blowing sideways, against us. We had to stop 2 times to fix the cover that we have on the bikes, which are on the back of the motor home. The second time, Bob just took the cover off! We drove through some beautiful country. Here is a picture of some of the rocks. 027

We arrived in Riverton an hour later than we expected, and the temperature was 92 degrees! We started out this morning at 38 degrees. We have the air conditioner turned back on again. We are staying at Windy River RV Park, a Good Sam park, in Riverton WY.

We are really glad that we left Grand Teton, as we were going to have a 5 hour drive tomorrow, and now the drive will be shorter. The winds are predicted to be worse tomorrow.

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