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Tuesday August 23- Grand Teton

We were up at 6 AM and out the door by 7AM. We drove south through the park to the Oxbow Turnout to look for wildlife. We saw two swans, badgers, beavers, and an eagle. No moose! Some people at the turnout said that yesterday they saw moose at the Gros Ventre road, on the river. So we drove south. We had missed the moose by about an hour. We continued on the road and saw this bison herd.



We drove back north to see the sites that we had missed yesterday. We stopped at the Jenny Lake Lodge and then took the Jenny Lake scenic road,008

stopping at the Jenny Lake overlook.

We drove up the road to Signal Mountain. We drove straight to the top, and looked out over the valley.012

Then we drove back down and looked over the lake. 015

We stopped at the Sacred Heart Church. 016

Our final stop was at the Jackson Lake Lodge. We went out to the back and looked over the lake at the mountains. Notice the haze on the mountains. It is smoke from the fire. 021

While we were there, on the patio, I notice a man in a turquoise golf shirt, beige kakis and red baseball cap. I pointed him out to Bob and we both agreed that it was Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  It makes sense, as he will be speaking at Jackson Hole on Friday. I could not get a picture, as he moved into the shade, behind the wall.

We returned to the motor home for lunch, took a nap, then rode our bikes around the park.

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  1. You got some great shots of the Tetons. We did not see buffalo while driving through the Tetons.

    As you can see I have not had much time to read my email. Trying now to catch up.

    Nice doing some traveling with you guys the past few weeks. Be safe.

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