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Saturday August 20- Lake Yellowstone

Saturday August 20- Brrrr, temps this morning in the low 40’s! The sunny, cloudless skies continue, with temps during the day in the 70’s and no humidity! We were out the door a little before 8AM, heading to the other side of the park for the scenic cruise on Yellowstone Lake, at 10:45. We arrived a little early, only having to kill about ½ hour. We met up with Tom and Debbie, and boarded the boat.

008There were 40 people on the small boat, plus 2 captains, and a park ranger. The captain was a woman, about 30 years old. The ranger, Wayne, said he was from Virginia. When he came by, I told him I was from Arlington. He said he was also from Arlington. I said I went to Yorktown and he said that he went there to elementary school, but his sister went there to high school. Turns out he lived a block away on 27th St.! It is a really small world.

The boat tour was fun, with Wayne giving us some historical information. The lake is in the caldera, and they are discovering that it has geysers and mud pots at the bottom of the lake. The Yellowstone volcano erupts every 6,000 years, which makes it 400 years overdue! A scary thought, as the last time the volcano erupted, it covered the world with volcanic ash.

Yellowstone lake is 21 miles long and 14 miles wide, so it is a very large lake. It is also several miles deep. They are having a problem with some type of lake trout, which is taking over the lake. They have killed over a 1000 of them so far this season, and are still trying to get them under control. The problem is that they are eating the Cutthroat trout, which are native to the lake. 006

After the boat ride, the four of us went to lunch at the cafeteria at Lake Resort. This was not our idea of a cafeteria, but the food was okay. We stayed and talked until 2:30, then went to Old Faithful to get some more of the delicious ice cream.

We parted ways with Tom and Debbie. We will be seeing them next Saturday at the start of the Escapees Rally (Escapade) in Gillette WY, which starts next Sunday. Tom and Debbie are volunteers at the Escapade and will be working the Escapees booth. We will be doing the pet parade and working at the Pet BOF( Birds of a Feather) booth.

We stopped to pick up some fruit at the grocery store, went back to the motor home, grilled some salmon, and started packing up to move tomorrow to Coulter Bay in Grand Teton National Park.

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