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Friday August 12- Hungry Horse Dam, Huckleberry Pie, MacKenzie Pizza Company

We drove east, towards Glacier, to visit the Hungry Horse Dam.

This Dam was opened by Harry Truman. It was named for 2 horses which got loose during a snow storm. The owner, trudged through waist deep snow looking for them, but could not find them. They were found after about 60 days, and were really hungry; which is where the name of the area came from! The reservoir behind the dam is large and very pretty. After our visit to the Dam, we stopped at the Huckleberry House. We wandered thro ugh the store, which we thought was expensive. A pie was $19.95. We bought one slice and split it, as neither of us has ever had a piece of Huckleberry pie. We thought it was excellent!

We returned west, and turned onto Rt. 286 south, then turned onto Rt. 35. We wanted to see if we could use this as a by-pass for Kalispell. Rt. 93, which we will be taking tomorrow goes right through the historic district and is narrow and curved, with lots of traffic. We want to avoid that if possible! The route was nice, but we are going to have to turn on Rt. 82, then drive 4 miles, to pick up Rt. 93 south of Kalispell. It will be a little bit longer, but there were signed warning trucks not to take Rt. 35 all the way to Polson,  due to the mountain that has to be crossed. We are going to heed that warning!

We returned to Kalispell and stopped for lunch at the MacKenzie Pizza Company. The food was okay, but not great. This is a chain in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Indiana(?) ( we thought that was kind of odd!). We continued north, stopping at the Super Walmart. We are traveling through Wyoming to Henry’s Lake State Park, in Idaho, to visit Yellowstone next. There will not be any major grocery stores in the area, so we stocked up on groceries.

We returned to the motor home. I completed my article and shipped it off to my editor. Then did laundry. We grilled chicken, had corn on the cob, salad, and leftover potato salad for dinner.

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