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Tuesday August 9- Travel day to Columbia Falls MT

We pulled out of the RV parking at R & R at 8:00, and hooked up the CRV to the motor home. By 8:07 we were on our way. We drove east on I-90 to Coeur d’Alene, where we turned north on Rt. 95. Initially there were quite a few traffic lights, but as the road became two lanes, it also became rural. We drove north through some beautiful Idaho countryside to Bonner’s Ferry, about 30 miles south of the Canadian border. We turned east on Rt. 2 heading toward Kalispell MT. Just after we crossed the border into Montana, we changed drivers, with me sliding behind the wheel. Rt. 2 is a nice, two lane road. The scenery in Montana went from beautiful to spectacular with us driving through stunning valleys, along raging mountain rivers, and past crystal clear lakes. Pictures do not do the scenery justice. It was so beautiful! 

We drove through Kalispell, a larger town than we thought it was going to be, and onto our destination in Columbia Falls, 14 miles farther to the east. We are staying at Columbia Falls RV Park, where we arrived at 3 PM. As soon as we entered Montana, we changed over to Mountain Time, so our drive time was actually 6 hours. Google Maps had said 4.5 hours, but we take our time and made several stops. This is a very nice, but expensive RV park! With our Good Sam discount, our site is still $42 per night. The site is nice, on gravel and with a nice, newly painted, picnic table on cement. The park is well maintained. We are right across from the dog park, which is okay, but they don’t want us walking the dogs around the park. Only to the dog park, although the guy who guided us to our site told Bob it was okay to let the dogs off their leashes in the field to let them run.

After we set up, we went in search of a USA Today, but never found one. We stopped at the local grocery store, which seemed less expensive than what we have been paying. Gas is also less expensive, at $3.55 per gallon (without any discounts), and diesel at $3.36 per gallon for something called ‘red dye’ diesel. We are not exactly sure what that is, so Bob is checking to see if we can safely use it in the motor home. Regular diesel is $ 3.89, which is still a lot less expensive that what we bought in Washington State. Bob finally found out that the ‘red dye’ is only for off-road vehicles, as they do not charge for the highway taxes. Oh well, the $3.89 is still less expensive than other places.

We ate more leftovers for dinner. The weather is still warm, at 83 degrees. There were no clouds in Idaho, but in Montana, there were beautiful white cumulus clouds, which built up, the farther into Montana that we drove. We are here for only 4 nights, and then we have to move on again!


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