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Sunday August 7-Monday August 8- Liberty Lake WA

Sunday August 7- We paid bills and updated our budget spreadsheet. Bob worked on replacing the exhaust vent cover for the stove fan. When I was cooking the other day it was making a strange noise. Evidently it was sticking, so Bob is going to replace it today, before it becomes too hot. The weather has been in the high 80’s during the day with no humidity; high 50’s at night.

We didn’t do much today. We stayed around the motor home until dinner time. We went to dinner at the strip mall just about 2 miles away, at  the Asian Gourmet Restaurant. The food was pretty good, but they can’t seem to figure out what  kind of restaurant they want to be. There was Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Sushi on the very large menu. The restaurant only sat 36 people, and it was packed by the time we left. We have enough left overs for at least one more night, if not two! We returned to the motor home and watched ‘Lincoln Lawyer’ staring  Matthew McConaughey. We had listened to the book on CD, but neither of us really remembered it.  If you had not read the book, you would be hard pressed to understand the title. We also had to watch the credits to check the cast, as we thought we saw Trace Adkins in the movie. Sure enough, he  was the head motorcycle gang member.

Monday August 8- We woke up to temperatures in the low 60’s and feathers of clouds in a pale blue sky. We had been told that the parts for the motor home repair would arrive sometime today. So we were semi-ready when the RV tech knocked on the door at 8:00 and said that he had them. We had not expected him to be ready for us at 8AM, as the manager had said they were going to call us to let us know what time to be ready. So we hustled, and we were ready within 15 minutes, then sat around waiting for the guy to come back to pick up the motor home and take it into the repair bay. At 9 AM, we finally gave up waiting and left; I dropped Bob and the dogs off at Pavillion Park, while I went and had my hair done. It took me longer than expected, and I returned in time for our picnic lunch. I was falling asleep after lunch, so I moved the car into the shade and took a short nap. Bob woke me up at 1:30, we packed up and went to Fred Meyer’s for gas ($3.55 with our 10cents off discount). We dropped a couple of items off at the local Goodwill, then Bob’s phone rang at 2:30 to tell us that the repair was completed and to stop at the office to pay. While we were driving back to R & R, Bob called the RV park in Columbia Falls MT, where we had reservations starting last Thursday. We had let them know about our repair issue, and changed our reservation to tomorrow. He asked if they had a spot for tonight, but they did not. So we are staying for one more night at R & R and leaving in the morning for Columbia Falls, and Glacier National Park. At least here is free, and we have full hook-ups, with 50 amp service. We are scheduled to stay in Columbia Falls until Saturday, a lot shorter time that originally planned! After we set up back at R & R, we made changes to our plans, and called for reservations at a few parks, between, Glacier and Yellowstone, and Grand Teton and Gillette. Dinner was leftover Chinese from yesterday; there is still enough food left over for us to have another meal!

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