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Saturday August 6- Liberty Lakes Farmers Market, Shopping

We are still in R & R RV Service facility in Liberty Lakes WA. After our big night out last night, we slept in all the way to 7AM.  We had a nice breakfast and watched the local news. We know it was local since they did the fishing report; what a hoot!

We had errands to run today, so we were off first to the Liberty Lakes Farmers Market, which was larger than we thought it would be. We bought some more Rainier cherries @ $3 per pound.  We also went to Kohl’s, JoAnne’s, Staples, then Office Depot as the Staples was out of our printer ink. We stopped at Albertson’s to pick up Friday’s USA Today and 2 DVD’s from Redbox.

We returned to the motor home, and at lunch time we went over to the R & R sales office for their Hawaiian Barbecue. We toured their diesel pusher motor homes. They only had 1 new motor home, and it was a 42 footer on sale for 249K. That makes us think that the prices have come down some on the new motor homes, as we think we originally saw that 2007 model for $400K. We visited 4 used Diesel pushers, 3 Monaco’s and one Winnebago. We could not live in any of them! Even with our blister issue, we still like our Alfa the best! These motor homes were not designed to be lived in!

They were serving pork barbecue sandwiches, chips and drinks. The barbecue was pretty good and this gave us something to do! After lunch, Bob continued to putter around the motor home and I printed out some of the blog. At around 2, we laid down for a short nap.

After our nap, I continued printing out the blog pages. Bob went to the Honda website and made sure that they have our updated address, as it appears our CRV is recalled.  We ate dinner, then watched the two movies. First, we watched Matt Damon in the Adjustment Bureau, then Liam Nieson in Forgotten. We enjoyed both movies.

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