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Thursday August 4 and Friday August 5- Liberty Lake, Spokane, Tomato Street, Square Dancing

Thursday August 4- At least we could sleep in today. Around 9:30, Bob’s cell phone rang. Our extended warranty is going to cover the repair, except for our deductible, and ‘nuts and bolts’. Huh? Nuts and bolts? Oh well, this is an expensive repair, which will mostly be covered!

I worked on my next article, while Bob did some stuff around the motor home. He found some Square Dancing tomorrow night! I also worked on laundry, since we have full hook up. After lunch, we went to Home Depot to pick up a couple of items, then on to Fred Meyer to grocery shop. Basically, a nice boring day! The temperature was sunny and 84 yesterday, today it was sunny and 87!

Friday August 5- We slept in today, all the way to 7AM. It is going to be another quiet day for us. We worked around the motor home. Bob cleaned the bugs off the front of the motor home. I cooked the dogs food and did more laundry.  We decided to go out to lunch. I had heard of a place called Tomato Street in another blog, so since we had not had Italian for a while, off we went. It was in Spokane.

Unhappily, we hit road construction on the way through town. It seems road construction crews everywhere are trained in the art of setting up cones for miles, then only doing work on a few feet of pavement! It took us about 20 minutes extra time to get there due to the construction. We knew from the GPS we were almost there, so we did not give up. We were glad that we didn’t. The food was awesome!  We both opted for the lunch menu, which was supposed to be smaller. Bob had a huge calzone and I had Grandma’s Lasagna. Both were wonderful and their garlic bread was out of this world. It is really too bad that there are only two of these restaurants, one in Seattle and one in Spokane. Bob checked ‘Yelp’ for a restaurant review. One of the reviews said that if he was on death row and had to choose his last meal, it would be from this restaurant. Guess others liked it as well!

We returned to the motor home, took a nap, ate dinner, and then went Square Dancing. The dance was sponsored by a Square Dance club called the ‘Krazy 8’s’. It was held in the Western Dance Hall. Yup, they have their own Square Dance hall, well not actually the club, it belongs to the local council! It was very nice. The hall is 40 years old, and has a wonderful wooden floor. It was not air-conditioned, but they had ceiling fans and huge floor fans. Since the weather gets cool in the evening, it stayed comfortable. The hall was decorated with the banners from the council member clubs, and also with beautiful three-dimensional Square Dance murals. They were put on the walls, then someone added material to make the ladies skirts. Very ingenious; someone was very talented. You were not allowed to eat or drink in the dance area, due to the wood floor, so off to the left they had put up a half wall, and had large tables to sit and eat or drink. Along the wall in this area they had their “Hall of Fame”, with pictures of the Council officials over the past 40 years.  There was a one foot up raised area for chairs all along the sides of the dance floor. The place could have held at least 30 squares, but the most we had were six. Outside was a large picnic area, where they hold their yearly fund-raiser, the end of August, a Salmon Bake. Unfortunately, we will miss that!

They had a substitute caller tonight, as their regular caller was bailing hay.  His name was Jack something, and he was okay, but not great. Not a very good singer, but he sure could yodel! They had a pretty good ‘cuer’ for the Round Dancing.  Some things were a little different. At the end of the tip, when everyone says thank-you, the guys shake hands, and they say thank you ladies. The gals just nod and make eye contact with the other ladies and the men. Not the same as we are used to! There was also a lot less food, (a good thing). They had ice cream afterwards, when they had a little meeting. We received ‘travel tokens’ for having danced with them. There is also a mainstream dance on Monday evening, at the same hall, being sponsored by a different club.

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