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Tuesday August 2-Spokane Washington

 We set the alarm for 6 AM and pulled out of the TT at 6:57. The GPS took us a different way to the Freightliner facility. We wish it had taken us this was coming to the TT. We turned east, north of Spokane, drove 2 miles, then turned south. This route was mainly through wheat fields almost until we reached I-90. We turned west on I-90 for 1 mile to our exit.

After Bob checked us into the Freightliner facility, we drove west to downtown Spokane. The primary ‘tourist’ place is Riverside Park. This is the site of the 1974 Olympics. What a pretty place!

They had this ‘Radio Flyer’ slide.These concrete blocks that the kids could play on…

There is a clock tower, note the pretty flowers and the sculpture in the river.

The small amusement park,

an indoor carousel,

a gondola ride,  a fountain which kids played in later in the day when the temperature climbed to the mid 80’s,

and train with a tour guide.

We walked the dogs around the park while I took pictures. The Spokane River goes right through town, with an upper falls and a lower falls. On our way to view the falls, we passed these ‘falls’ sculptures. 

The upper falls was right in the park,

and the lower falls was across the street,

past City Hall, this nice Art Deco building,

originally built as a Montgomery Wards. It was bought by the city in 1983 and converted to the town hall after internal renovations.

On the corner was this sculpture of runners, which went for quite a ways, around the corner. This sculpture was right on the sidewalk. 

After visiting all of the ‘sights’, we settled into our camp chairs to read our books. I decided to go across the street to find a USA Today. While walking to the Rite Aid, I found a barber shop. When I returned, Bob went to the barber ship to have his hair cut, which was long overdue! While he was gone, I had to add money to the parking.  Bob returned just in time for his cell phone to ring. The Freightliner Facility was calling to tell us we need a new compressor. They did not want to do the job. So Bob told them we would be there in a little while to pick up the motor home. Well, there went 6 bucks for parking! We quickly ate our picnic lunch, and returned to the Freightliner facility. Bob asked them who they recommended. It was R&R RV Sales and Service on I-90, about 12 miles east. So Bob called them and they told him to bring in the motor home and that we could ‘camp’ in their campground.

We moved to R&R. This place is huge! It is at least 3 city blocks long, with 40 service bays! About 1/3 of the place is sales and the rest is service. All nice, new buildings, which are set up just for RV’s. This is much nicer, than the Freightliner facility. We checked in, and they guided us to a 50 amp, full hook up site!

Since we had left our outside ‘stuff’ at TT, we had to drive back to pick up everything. So after setting up and starting the ‘house’ air conditioners, Bob and I drove back to TT, a little over 50 miles( each way), using the route we had driven in on today, which is much shorter and nicer. We explained our situation to the Rangers, packed up our ‘stuff’, and returned to the motor home, exhausted. We decided to go out to dinner as we were too tired to cook. We decided on a restaurant, listed in the GPS. It was not there when we reached our destination, so we ended up at Shari’s. We had another good dinner there.

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