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Sunday July 31- Travel day, from Leavenworth to Newport

We were up early. I finally remembered to take pictures of our site in Leavenworth. We liked this site, as we had lots of room and the site was open with sunlight.

We were  on the road by 8:50. We took the long way back to Rt. 2, through Leavenworth to Wanachee, where we turned onto Rt. 28 east. We could have continued on Rt. 2 all the way to Spokane, but the road seemed to be a narrow 2 lane road, at least what we could see of it.  Instead we took Rt. 28 east, a two lane road with shoulders, to Quincy. Rt. 28 went along the Columbia River, creating these amazing cliffs. 

here is a picture of a gorge that the Columbia created.

Quincy seemed to be a small farming town. We drove past lots of fruit farms, seeing cherries, apples, nectarines, pears, wine grapes, walnuts, spearmint, and blueberries. In Quincy we turned south onto Rt 281 where we started seeing corn, alfalfa, wheat, and timothy. Quincy County had labels on the fences, which continued when we turned onto I-90 east. It was very interesting to be able to look at the crops and see the sign telling us what they were. On one side of the interstate would be sweet corn and on the other would be field corn, and both fields looked the same.

We took I-90 all the way to Spokane. I have always pronounced it Spo-cane, but the correct pronunciation is Spo-can. Two exits before we were to turn north, Rt. 2 joined I-90, then we took Rt. 2 north/east , right through the city of Spokane. Driving through a city, in the motor home, is not something that we enjoy, but Spokane does not have a beltway around it.

Soon we were back out into the country. We drove about 30 miles north towards Newport, then turned onto Little Diamond Lake Rd, out to the Little Diamond Lake Thousand Trails. Oddly, this Thousand Trails is half TT and half a KOA. All of the rangers are dressed in KOA shirts.

When we were packing up this morning, Bob found that the electric receptacle had fried our 30 amp pigtail, that he attaches to the 50 amp cord. So as soon as we had reception, I used my smart phone to check to see if there was a Camping World in Spokane, as Camping World is open on Sundays. There was not one. So when I started driving, Bob started checking for other RV dealers. None were open on Sunday. So I suggested that he call the TT and ask them if they had one in the RV park store. He did, and they said that they did. The gal also told Bob that they were open until 11 PM.

When we arrived at 3 PM, we found out that the store had closed at 2PM, and that no one had a key to go into it. The ranger told us that some of the sites have 30/50 amp, so we went hunting for one. Nope, the Thousand Trails side had only 30 amp. So we went back to the rangers, and one of them found a pigtail in the shop, which they lent us for the night.

Our other problem was that this was the first time that we have needed the air conditioner this year. It started getting warm in the motor home, so Bob turned it on. We had hot air blowing. This is the same air conditioner that we had fixed 3 times last year, the one in the drivers area! Do I need to tell you that we are not happy!

So when we arrived, we where hot and tired. As soon as we could we set up and started the main air conditioner going. Bob is going to be looking for a Freightliner repair facility on our trip. Our problem is that we are not going to be in any large cities until we return to Denver, at the end of August. So hopefully there is one in Spokane, 30 miles to the south.

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