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Friday July 29- Leavenworth

Today, we finally went to the town of Leavenworth.  We went the long way, so that we could look at the Wanachee River. Know by the Indians as “Skookum La Metsin”. Indian jargon for ‘strong medicine’. The pictures do not due the river justice. The white water was beautiful and the roar of the water is loud. We found that the pull outs all seemed to be before the best areas of the river, so we captured what we could. 

In the 1890-1920’s Leavenworth was a booming town with the Great Northern Railway Company running the railroad through the valley and the lumber industry. Leavenworth never really recovered from the Depression, with only outdoor activities as the industry. In the 1950’s the town came up with Project Life ( Leavenworth Improvement for Everyone).  In the early 1960’s, the Women’s Club won a $10,000 national prize for improvements in the town. Since the mountains that surround the town resemble the Alps, the town members came up with the idea of creating a Bavarian Theme. By 1968, 14 buildings had been remodeled. They began with an Autumn Festival and have developed new events each year. Now the town is known worldwide as a Bavarian destination resort. We had already been to dinner at one of the restaurants. We wandered the streets, listened to the accordion music, and ate a German Lunch at King Ludwigs.

The town is cute, and they really do have a comprehensive list of different festivals, including the International Accordian Festival. Glad we missed that!

After lunch, we returned to the motor home, walked the dogs, worked on the blog, read  our books, ate dinner, and had a campfire. We put on mosquito spray this time and were able to stay out until the fire died out.

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