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Sunday July 24- Desperation Point, Dinner with Audrey, Sunset over the San Juan Islands

We slept in this morning to almost 8. The sky is bright blue, with no clouds. Temps were in the 50’s, but the forecast is for low 80’s. When it is not raining or cloudy, this area is beautiful.  We walked up to the Family Center for breakfast. Bob had biscuits and gravy, I had the special-French Toast. I tried to pick up cell reception while we were there, but had no luck. For a second I could pick up 3 bars, but then the phone would drop to no bars. This is really frustrating as we are expecting an email about dinner this evening. We are hoping we have coverage at our next location.

We drove out to Desperation Point again, this time to capture a picture of the bridge.

Last time over, we missed the viewpoint on the north side. The traffic was really heavy and we did not want to have to make a couple of U-turns to get the picture. It was easier on a Sunday morning.

We went to Petsmart in Burlington for some ear wipes for the dogs, who enjoyed the trip to the store. The cashiers always give them treats, which they think is a great idea. We returned to the motor home just to enjoy the sunny day!

We drove to Burlington to El Cazaras for dinner, meeting up with long time friend Audrey Lamoureux. It was great to see her again after so many years. We knew Audrey back in Maryland when she was in the Navy. She moved out to Washington State after she retired.

On the way back to the motor home, Bob took these pictures, from the car, of the sunset over the San Juan Islands. 

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