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Monday July 25- Travel day, from LaConnor to Leavenworth

Travel day. We woke up around 7:30 and worked on getting ready to leave LaConnor.  This Thousand Trails has been okay, but we have not had an internet or cell signal since we have been there. We are hoping for better reception when we arrive at our next RV park.

We hooked up the car before leaving the campground, then stopped on the way out to dump. On our way out of town,  we stopped at the Indian Casino a few miles away for diesel at $3.87. We continued east on Hwy. 20, then south on I-5 to Everett where we made the turn east again onto Rt. 2. This is the Southern Cascade Loop and  the Stevens Pass Greenway. There was a lot of traffic and we drove through several small towns which we are going to come back to visit tomorrow.

After crossing Stevens Pass, we turned left (north) onto Rt. 207, then followed some back roads to the Leavenworth Thousand Trails. We checked in and found a site on the ‘meadow’ with full-hook ups, 30 amp service. We are so glad that we have cell and internet service! Now I can send my articles and catch up on the blog!

Bob had to put the satellite dish out in the meadow and it turned out we did not have enough cable for the satellite or electrical cord. So we ended up driving to a Radio Shack in Wenatchee about an hour away. We drove through the town of Leavenworth, which is a Bavarian theme town. More on that later… We picked up what we needed and decided that it was late enough to go out to dinner. So we drove back to Leavenworth, found a parking place, and went to dinner at Christi’s, a German Restaurant. Naturally, I had Jager Schnitzel and Bob had Gausthaus Schnitzel, which was pan fried pork cutlet with mushrooms, onions and covered with cheese. Both came with bread, spatzel, and red cabbage. Bob also had the Hofbrau House Dunkel, which he said was very good.

We returned to the motor home and Bob worked on setting up the satellite. We have a large area behind the motor home, with a fire ring. I had set up our lounge chairs and put up the cage for the dogs. They joined me there, and for some reason they were terrified. They both jumped up on my lap, shaking and watching the meadow. I guess there was something in the field that I could not see, so I took them back inside. We are in a valley, between the mountains, surrounded by the Wenatchee National Forest, so there could have been bears or coyotes.

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