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Wednesday July 20- Chuckanut Drive, Fairhaven, Mt. Bachelor

 We started our day by driving to LaConnor to the Post Office to pick up our mail. After, we drove out to Rt. 20, and went about a mile west to the Chevron at the Indian Casino. The price of gas there was $3.64. Where we turned onto Rt. 20, at the Shell, it was $3.85, so by driving 2 miles round trip we saved $0.21 per gallon or $ 2.10. We continued east on Rt. 20, then south on I-5 to Burlington and Best Buy with my computer. The Geek fixed the computer within 30 seconds! Somehow, the internet had been turned off. I had tried and tried to turn it back on and he did it in less than 30 seconds! Oh well, it was free!

We went north on I-5 two exits and took the Chuckanut Drive, which would have been beautiful if it had not been misty and rainy. The drive took us through potato fields then along Puget Sound.  Allegedly we drove through several small towns, according to the travel guide. None of them were marked, so we never found them.  We knew that the San Juan Islands were out to our left,  we just could not see them! We drove through the town of Fairhaven,

which was very nice. Fairhaven was built in the 1890’s. This is where the Alaska Ferry starts. That was the end of the Chuckanut Drive.

We drove north on I-5 to Bellingham and turned east on Rt. 542, the Mt. Bachelor scenic by-way, which we took  all the way to Mt. Bachelor. This was a very scenic drive. Washington State is known as the Evergreen State, and we saw a lot of evergreens. There were quite a few  Christmas tree farms along the way.  We stopped just west of Deming at an Eagle park. We ate our picnic lunch, then walked to the area where bald eagles are sighted. We did not really expect to see an eagle, as it was the wrong time of year. One count in this location, in February 2010, had 283 eagles. They migrate from Alaska, to feed on the dead salmon in the river. There is a salmon hatchery about 3 miles farther east and the salmon migrate back to this area to spawn, then die. We had hoped that there might be a straggler. No such luck. On our way we passed this parking lot with a ‘ski fence’. 

We continued east to Nooksack Falls. This was beautiful, but a rough walk to the falls.

I had sprained my left ankle somehow yesterday, and I had it wrapped, so I was able to make the hike. Not sure what I did to the ankle, but it is not swollen, just sore.

We continued to follow the road through several little towns and to as far as you can go in a car, which was the Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort.

There is a lower area and an upper area, and we went all the way to the top. This is about mid-way on the mountain. We could not see the top of the mountain, due to the mist, but the sun was in and out in this area. This is the snow at as high as we could go. 

After we looked around, we turned around and went back the same way that we came. We went back to Burlington to the Super Walmart for groceries. Then back to the motor home. We grilled our dinner. We still have no internet at the motor home, but during the day we have been able to check email on our smart phones.

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  1. believe you meant Mount Baker….that is the mountain near Bellingham. Mt Bachelor is in the state of Oregon. Enjoyed reading some of your trip blog. I live on Whidbey Island.

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