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Saturday July 16-Sequim Lavender Festival and Farm Faire, Port Angeles, Blue Grass Concert

At a little after 7 AM we woke to a loud ‘bang’. The motor home on the far side of   Joe and Ginny’s motor home, had hit their motor home and knocked the driver’s side mirror off! We heard the other motor home idling out in front of our motor home and heard the guy knock on their door. He gave them his insurance information, apologized and headed out on the highway. Joe ended up calling an RV tech, who arrived at about 11 AM, to do the repair. He managed to fix it enough that they will be able to use it until they get to an RV repair place. They already have an appointment at a place next week for an air conditioner repair. As you can see from this picture, we were parked pretty close together. Joe and Ginny are to our right in the picture. 

We puttered around the motor home for awhile, ate lunch, then went to the Lavender Festival. There are actually two different festivals. One is the ‘15th Sequim Lavender Festival’ and the other is the ‘Sequim Lavender Farm Faire’. Evidently the farmers had an issue with the Festival folks and decided to have their own Faire. We started at the farmer’s faire, which was where we were last evening for the concert. We wandered through the 30 or so vendors. We did not buy anything, we just looked. There was the usual tye-dye shirts, jewelry, artists, pottery and lots of lavender “stuff”.

We left there and took the back road over to the other festival, which is downtown. We lucked out and found parking right away at the high school parking lot. We walked about a block over to visit the 150 or so vendors there. Again, lots of the same stuff.  We bought a ‘salmon’ pepperoni stick which was pretty good and had a ‘chocolate turtle crepe’, which was a crepe filled ½ with regular whip cream and ½ with chocolate whip cream, then folded and topped with chocolate and caramel sauce, chopped peanuts, and powdered sugar. Awesome! We pulled out of the high school parking lot and went about 2 blocks and saw a sign for the ‘open aire market’, so we turned right, and there were more vendors, with the same kind of ‘stuff’! We wandered through, then returned to the car, drove down an ally, crossed the main street and turned back onto Hwy 101.

We continued past the RV park, driving about 12 miles west to Port Angeles. The sky became sunny, then we dropped down into the town of Port Angeles. It was so strange! We could see rain ahead of us. It must have been really sunny, which warmed up the streets, then it rained, and there was so much fog from steam caused by the cooling of the streets and roofs, that you could barely see the car in front of you. We stopped quickly to take these two pictures of murals.

It was scary driving! So we got the heck out of there!

We returned to the RV park, walked the dogs, started another load of laundry and took a nap! We went next door to Joe and Ginny’s for potato soup, pizza, and dessert.

After dinner we all went back to the same park as last evening for a blue grass concert by Cort Armstrong( the guy in the center) and Blue Rooster.

It had started raining in the afternoon, but by concert time it had stopped raining, although it was still cloudy. There was a breeze, so it was cooler than last evening, Joe took pictures of us “girls” sitting in the “Lavender Festival’ chair.

The first is Ginny, second the three of us, third was Carol and then I am in the last one.  The music was good, but the crowd was much more mellow that last nights.

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