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Thursday July 14- Port Townsend

We drove east on Hwy 101 to Port Townsend. Our first stop was at the Elks Lodge to see if they have a space for Sunday evening. We are leaving Sequim on Sunday morning, and our original plan was to take the Ferry to the east and stay at the La Connor Thousand Trails Sunday evening. We decided that we had other places to see here in this area, so we wanted reservations for Sunday evening. They are going to have an opening, according to the camp host, so we asked her to save it for us.

We continued into the town of Port Townsend. What a cute little town! We started at the Ferry,

watching the loading and realized that we will be able to leave the car attached. This will make it easier to travel once we arrive at Whidbey Island, on the other side of the bay.

We quickly found a parking place on the street. So we walked around, looking in the shops and the historic buildings.

Then we went up the hill to the bread bakery.

We needed bread, and they specialize in different breads. We bought a round  seeded rye loaf, which the gal put through the bread slicer for us.

Next we went looking for the Victorian Houses on the tourist brochure. Here are several of them.

Then we went to lunch at the Water Street Creperie.  Bob had a “club crepe” like a club sandwich w/o the bread and I had a barbecue chicken with pineapple, jack cheese, and spinach. Both were wonderful!

We drove out to the end of the marina, and there was a campground, Port Huron, right in town, directly on the water. We continued out to look at the  Point Wilson lighthouse. This lighthouse is not open to the public, except from 1-4 on Saturdays during the summer. It is not part of the Lighthouse Society program, but is owned and run by the Coast Guard. They do not have a lighthouse stamp for my passport at Ft. Wooden, where this is located. Point Wilson marks the west entrance into the Puget Sound. It is the turning point from the Strait of Juan de Fuca into Admiralty Inlet, where Port Townsend is located.  The turn was first marked by a church bell, but that did not work well in the fog. The original light was a 46 ft. frame tower on the roof of the light keepers house with a fog signal nearby. It’s light was a fixed white light with a red flash every 20 seconds; the light could be seen for 13 miles; this was in 1879. They replaced the original light in 1894 with a rotating light. The current lighthouse was erected 1914, with a 49ft tower built-in an octagonal shape to reduce the wind pressure. This light has a fourth order Fresnel lens, with a white light on for 15 seconds, then off for 5 seconds, with 1 red flash. It was automated in 1976.

To access the lighthouse, you had to drive through the Wooten State park and its  very expensive state campground.

We stopped a hardware store, and across the street was the Port Townsend Brewery.

They had tastings, so in we went. Bob tasted 5 different beers. We are going back to Port Townsend on Sunday evening, so Bob is going to pick up some of the beers then.

As we were leaving town, we drove through the Escapees RV Park. It was very nice, but a bit farther from town. They did not seem to have very many overnight sites available, so we are going to stay at the Elks Lodge.

On the trip back to Sequim, we stopped by the John Wayne Marina.

The marina is named for John Wayne (yes, the actor), who donated the land to the town for the marina.

On our arrival back at the motor home, Bob changed our Ferry reservation and I changed our Thousand Trails reservation. We had Joe take our picture with the dogs in front of the motor home.

Joe pulled out his grill for dinner, and Bob grilled some turkey cutlets. Then we all went to the movies in Port Angeles, seeing “Larry Crowne”, with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. It was a fun movie!

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  1. Love the pic with you and the dogs. I know it’s hard to
    get pics of both of you. I must have 500 pics of Chuck
    and 50 of me. How many light house stamps have
    you collected thus far?

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