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Tuesday July 12- Westport Lighthouse, Westport, Westport Winery, Aberdeen

We took our time getting up and moving as it was pouring rain. We left the campground about 9:30. Al and Carol were already gone and Ginny and Joe left a little later. Everyone was doing their own exploring. Bob and I drove south-east over the Aberdeen, then south to Westport to see the Westport Lighthouse. We arrived at 11:15, and they did not open until 12. So we drove out to the bay. The town of Westport was cute.

There were lots of little shops and several RV parks. We went out to the barriers and looked at the bay. I spotted several orange starfish attached to the rocks, but I could not get a decent picture of them. The weather had improved and it was cloudy, without rain.

We walked out onto the pier. There was a gift shop at the end of the pier,

and there were a lot of people coming out with bags of purchases. We wandered through but the place was full of junk. The pier was a working pier, with a fish processing plant right on the pier. There were several boats coming and going in the harbor.

We drove back to the light house, arriving at about 12:10.

We did the short walk up the light house but did not do the tour. We went inside and had our passport stamped. I was also able to find a ‘Washington State light house brochure”. We have looked for one everywhere we have traveled and this was the first one that we could find. It helps to know where to look for them!

We drove back on Rt. 105 towards Aberdeen. We stopped at the Westport Winery.

They had some very nice wines. We would have purchased the Peach wine, but it was $21 and we did not think it was worth that much. We continued into Aberdeen and went to Walmart then Safeway. This was a lot less expensive then the IGA in Ocean Shores who wanted $2.19 for a can of green beans. We purchased a can for $0.68.

We returned to the motor home to rain again. Joe stopped by to let us know they were back, but going out to  a day park to see if they could find some aggets. The park was closed. Carol and Al had driven north to the Hoh Rain Forest. Joe and Ginny had gone to the Queets Rain Forest. At 6 Pm we took our dinner with us and went over to Joe and Ginny’s motor home for dinner. Al and Carol arrived back around  7pm. After dinner, we went over to Al and Carol’s 5th wheel just to sit around and talk. It was raining, so no campfire this evening.

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