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Saturday July 9- Space Needle, Monorail, Dinner with Laurie and Steve

We did our usual bill paying and updating of the budget. Then we were not sure what we wanted to do today. We thought, well, a visit to Seattle is not complete without a visit to the Space Needle. Parking is so expensive, we spent some time trying to find a way to take public transportation, but that did not work. So we drove into Seattle on I-90 and found parking for $10. That was really good, as yesterday it was $17. We walked over to the Space Needle and took a picture.

We have both been up in it, so we did not want to spend the $18 each to ride up the elevator. We saw a Bastille Day Festival advertised in the park, but did not see anyone in the area, just empty tents. We stopped in at the Food Court and had some Chinese carry out for lunch. Definitely not as good as yesterday! We took the Monorail over to the Westfield Mall.

From there, we took the free bus back to Pike Market and bought some strawberries. I have been looking for a wrap cover for my camera, so we walked over to a camera store, but they did not have any. We took the Monorail back to the Space Needle, and picked up the car. We drove past the Elephant Super Wash.

Elvis Presley was in Seattle performing at the 1962 World’s Fair and every day he brought his beloved pink Cadillac to this car wash The Elephant Super Wash was the first automated car wash in the U.S. and he was fascinated with it. While his Caddy was being washed, he put on a show under the sign.

Traffic was a mess, as they had closed and entrance to I-5, so we managed to get around that (with the GPS witch ‘recalculating’ a dozen times and trying to send us through the closed area) and headed back to the motor home.

We walked the dogs then took off for Renton to visit friend and former business partner Laurie Lamoureux at her newly remodeled home overlooking the bay. This was the first time that we met her new “beau” Steve,

and we hope to see them again in the future. Steve cooked a terrific dinner and we had a great time catching up on our lives. We stayed until about 10:30 and returned home to the pups.  

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  1. It was great to see you both! (public transportation in Seattle-?!-LOL-maybe SOME day!)

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