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Thursday July 7- Travel day, Fall River, Big Chief RV Park

Travel day. We packed up and headed out of the Chehalis Thousand Trails. We were not impressed with this park and hope that our next RV park is nicer. We drove the 7 miles back out to I-5 and turned north. Traffic was heavy, but moving. We followed I-5 around Olympia and Tacoma. Just north of Tacoma we turned east to Rt. 18, then north on Rt. 167, to I-405, then east on I-90. We arrived at the Encore Tall Chiefs Resort around 12:30. Encore owns Thousand Trails but this is not a park we can access through TT. We made the reservation through RPI, which meant that we are paying $10 per night, plus tax. Not bad. We had to hunt for a site where we could pick up satellite reception. It has 30 amp and water. The RV park  employees are pretty laid back, telling us to just pick a site then go to the Welcome Center to check in. Okay, so we did…

We set up quickly and ate lunch. Then we went to Fall River to pick up our mail and Sammamish to Albertsons to pick up a few items and the USA Today. We returned to the motor home to follow-up on mail, cook dinner, watch TV and go to bed.

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