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Friday June 24-Seaside, Happy Hour

I was so excited, there was water aerobics on the activities calendar, so at a little before 9 AM I headed across the street to the pool. There were two people swimming laps and 2 just sort of moving around in the pool. I asked one lady and she said that the water aerobics instructor is usually there on Tuesdays and Fridays. She was not there today! So I did my own aerobics for ½ hour, jumped in the hot tub for 10 minutes and took a shower. Bob was to meet me at the hot tub, but I was back at the motor home before he was packed up ready to leave. He went over to soak in the hot tub and took his shower.

I worked on the blog for awhile and I am now caught up! With the poor internet connections that I have had for quite a while now, having a good connection here is wonderful! Uploading is so much easier, not to mention faster!

The sun shines, intermittently. We will take that! Even some of the time is better than the dark gloomy days we have been experiencing. I am not sure how people can live in this climate. I miss the sun! I wonder if they have a vitamin D deficiency?

Last night we made some changes to our schedule. It is really a good thing that we can be flexible and that Thousand Trails let us change our schedule via internet. We have worked out days to be able to visit with friend, and former business partner, Laurie Lamoureux in Seattle  before meeting up with La Plata friends in Ocean City WA in mid-July.

After lunch we cruised Seaside. First, we went to a car wash. Since it had been raining yesterday while we were traveling, the car was filthy. Then we went downtown to visit all the ocean side junk stores! There was even a little mall with a carousel in the middle. The kids were having a great time on the ride and the arcade with bumper cars was doing a very good business! There were street performers and people giving free samples of Jelly Belly jelly beans, saltwater taffy, and ice cream.

It was sunny, so we walked the entire length of the street, out to the ‘turn around” Seaside has the “Famous Prom and Turnaround”. The prom is a 1.5 mile ocean front promenade dating from the 1920’s. Basically, it is a cement ‘boardwalk’ on the ocean. At the end, which is where we were, there is the “turn around”. This is a circle, built in the 1920’s, a way for the cars to turnaround at the end of the ‘prom’. In the center is a sculpture celebrating the end of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Cars are no longer allowed on the ‘prom’, but the turnaround is at the end of ‘Broadway’ the main street, going out to the ocean, which is the way we walked.

‘There were lots of the usual saltwater taffy and t-shirt shops, along with some interesting looking restaurants.

We stopped in a had one of their world famous ( in their own minds) Elephant Ears.

It was pretty good, and now we have had our fat quota for the year!

We drove up Broadway,  and drove around the ‘turn around’, just to do it; one time which was enough. People are crazy, as they just walk out into the street without looking for traffic.

We stopped in at the Elks Lodge as they were having a ‘sale’. Turned out they were selling plants, knitted items and pictures. We stopped at the Outlet Mall, on the corner of the street where we turn to go to the RV park. They have a wine and beer outlet. Bob was in heaven, as they had 4 coolers with single beers. He likes to try a lot of beers, and doesn’t like to buy a whole six pack. So singles are great for him. We drove north a few miles,
to see what we thought was the rest of Seaside, but in ½ a mile we were out of town.

At 4:30 we headed over the Mary Jo’s Alfa 5th  wheel for a happy hour. Yesterday, I had asked her if there were any Happy Hours, here at the park. She said only if people have their own. Since there is another Alfa 5th wheel next to her, she said why don’t we all get
together. So off we went… turned out to be 12 couples. Even Christopher, the manager, and his wife Noon, and their 6 year old daughter, Alicia, showed up. Noon brought her home made spring rolls which were fresh, warm and delicious! We sat in the sun, just soaking up the bright blue sky and the warm rays, talking with the other RV’ers. What a fun way to meet people! Now if I can only remember their names….

We stayed until almost 6:30, then came back and ate dinner. Bob’s hip has been bothering him for about a week, so he went back to the hot tub, which seems to helping his hip.

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