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Wednesday June 22- Cape Kiwanda, Pelican Pub & Brewery

Today was a quiet day for us. In the morning I did some laundry, and completed the 4th article revision. Our internet connection has been terrible, so we went up to the Family Lodge to use the WiFi. They had a very small book exchange, and I exchanged two books.
Bob did not find anything he wanted to read.

After lunch, we sent to Pacific City to check on the mail. Our glass coffee pot is cracked. We are able to use it, but want to replace it. It had not arrived. So we drove through town to the third cape, Cape Kiwanda. This is a very popular area, with some surfers. It is famous for the “dory” boats. Dory boats are flat on both end, so that they can dock right on the beach. These are fishing vehicles, which go out from the beach daily. Unfortunately, there were not any there at the time. The beach was busy with various vehicles. The rock is ‘haystack” rock.

We see this each evening on the news, when they do the weather. Evidently there is a weather cam on the buildings showing the rock.

We stopped in at the Pelican Pub and Brewery. Since it was  almost happy hour,  we split a seafood Quesada. I tasted their root beer, which was pretty good, but had too much sugar. Bob had the beer sampler, which included various ales, the seasonal brews, an IPA and a stout, which he liked and bought a pint bottle to take back to the motor home.

This Thousand Trails has lots and lots of rabbits. Mainly black ones, but there are some amber colored ones. I was finally able to get a picture of one.  This one was mixed color, but the majority are a dark black. The story, is that someone, years ago, dumped a couple of them at the park. They multiplied, as bunnies do, but at one point, they almost died out. Turns out, they have come back with a vengeance. There must be hundreds of them at the park.  When we checked in, we were warned about bears and raccoons, but other than a few ground squirrels, all we have seen were bunnies! Roxie would like to hunt them, but since they are almost as big as she is, I am not sure what she thinks she would do with one if she caught it!

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