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Thursday June 23- Travel day, Pacific City to Seaside

I started to prepare the motor home ready for travel. Bob went into town to check the Post Office, to see if our coffee pot had arrived. It had not, which is a problem, as we will now have to drive back to retrieve it.  So much for pre-planning!

We drove out of the park, through Pacific City and out to Highway 101. We turned north, on the winding narrow road. It was raining, intermittently. We drove through some small beach towns, taking a little over 2 hours to drive to our destination, the Seaside Thousand Trails in Seaside. When we came down off a mountain, into the town of Seaside, we turned a bend in the road and went from rain to sunshine!

There were no signs showing the way to the park, but we followed the directions for several blocks on the side road. At one driveway, there was a sign saying, “RV’s keep on going”!  We think people must have used their driveway for a turn around. We reached our destination.
The park has a north and south side. People at Whalers Rest had told us to stay in the north side, so we checked in, at the south side, then traveled over to the north side. We found a nice site, across from the family center which has the restaurant, pool and hot tub. This is a very nice park!

We parked the motor home, and promptly met some of the neighbors. Laurie, who is staying next door with her two dogs (who our dogs liked), Mary Jo- who has an Alfa 5th wheel, and Christopher, the park manager. As with most RV parks, everyone is friendly!

Since the sun was shining, we put out the awning, set out the recliners, and settled in to enjoy the fresh air! This is the first time this season that we have taken the recliners out of the basement! We walked the dogs and just enjoyed soaking up the sun. Finally, we had to go grocery shopping. We barbecued ribs, steamed corn, and made a salad. We have satellite here, so we were able to watch some TV this evening.

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