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Saturday June 18 -quiet day, Sunday June 19- moving day

We woke up to one of those miserable bone chilling rainy days. We walked down the hill  to the Adult Lounge for breakfast. The food was okay, but not great. My editor had sent 4 more articles for me to revise, so I worked on them until after lunch. Bob worked on some projects in the motor home. After lunch, Bob cooked the dog’s food, while I tried to work
on another article and found myself falling asleep. We took a short nap, cooked dinner, watched some TV and went to bed.

Sunday – We prepared the motor home for travel and started north on Hwy. 101 to Pacific City. We have now moved to the northern Oregon coast. We moved into the Pacific City Thousand Trails for 4 nights. The resort is okay, but not great. We had to hunt for a site that had full hook-ups, and we ended up in one down between two hills. Unfortunately, we could not find satellite coverage. It did not help that when Bob used the
compass, it decided to go wacky, reversing north and south! How odd, we can see
the ocean to the west, yet the compass says it is in the east! We set up and
went into town to buy another compass. We could not find one, as Pacific City
is very small and the only hardware store was closed. So we went to the ranger’s
station and paid $3 for cable TV for the night. The weather is staying cloudy
and cool, highs in the 60’s and lows in the 50’s.

One Response

  1. Any chance you guys will be going to Mamoth CA in the next few weeks.
    My sister and her husband are going there in their RV. I think it would
    be a hoot if you all hooked up.

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