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Friday June 17- Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, Georgies Restaurant.

We went grocery shopping in the morning, returned to the motor home, put the groceries away, and packed up the dogs for a trip downtown. We took them to a dog store for new harnesses and raincoats. It rains so much in this area, that we figured we needed to invest in some raincoats for them, to keep the motor home clean and the dogs a little dryer. We returned to the motor home for lunch and to drop off the dogs.

We drove back north to the Yaquina( pronounced Yah-kwih-nah)
Bay Lighthouse. This is the second oldest standing lighthouse on the Oregon coast. It was only in service from 1871 to 1874, because it could not be seen far enough from the ocean, which is why they built the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, only 3 miles farther north. It was re-lit and recognized as a privately maintained aid to navigation by the coast Guard in 1996. The lens is 42 feet above ground level and 161 feet above sea level. The house was open for tours, with the gift shop in the basement. So far, we have had our passport stamped at all the lighthouses!

We toured the south jetty area. This is a picture of both jettys from the lighthouse overlook. The jettys protect the bay entrance, otherwise the sand shifts frequently causing boating accidents.  While there, the NOAA ship came back into port. This picture is for all the Clive Cussler(the author)/Dirk Pitt(primary character) fans! 

We went under the bridge to the dock, where we walked out to the end checking on the fishermen and crabbers.  We went into the Rogue Brewery,and looked around but did not stay for the tour or tasting. Bob doesn’t like their brews.

We returned to the motor home and took a nap. The gal who owns the other Alfa motor home, came by to check out our window covers. We asked her for suggestions on where to go to dinner. We settled on Georgies, a nice little seafood restaurant on the ocean in Newport. Bob had some very good clam chowder and fish/chips , unfortunately the French fries were soggy. I had Scallops Provincial, which was excellent.

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