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Tuesday Jun 14-Cleaning the motor home, editing articles, ice cream

The weather is supposed to be good today, so Bob decided to clean the outside of the motor home. There was sun in the morning, and most of the afternoon. We laughed this morning watching the local weather report, from Portland. It is supposed to be nice today, and warmer the rest of the week, until Saturday when it is supposed to be hot! Hot is
relative, as they were predicting 70-71 degrees as hot! We got quite a chuckle out of that! These people don’t know hot, although we have noticed when the temp is in the 60’s we see people starting to wear shorts and sandals. We are still in jeans and sweatshirts. In case you are wondering why we have not spent a lot of time of the beach, the water temperature in this part of the Pacific Ocean is 48-52, year round. We have not even seen any surfers in wet suits in the ocean in Oregon and there are no sunbathers, maybe because there is rarely sun!

Bob cleaned the roof of the motor home, and while it was drying, he washed the sides and windows; then put the rubber roof sealant on the roof. This needs to be done twice a year, and this is the first chance that we have had since October to do this important task.

While Bob was doing all of this, I worked on two more articles that my editor had sent me to update for him. These were by the same author, so it was pretty easy to update them, as I was now in a writing rhythm.  Just as I was finishing, a Alfa went by and up the road. After lunch we took the dogs for a long walk around the entire park. When outside, we can hear the sound of the ocean!  On the way back, we stopped in to visit with the people who had moved in 3 sites up in a 2005 Alfa. They needed someone to seal their windows, so we gave them Dave Root’s card. I went inside and looked at their unit. It was very nice, and gave me a few decorating ideas. They have had a new 32” TV put in, with a cabinet behind the TV, which is a good idea, done by Alfateers in California. They have also replaced their carpeting, which we are going to need to do in the future. They had a desk put in, and it turns out, that Paul, who did our work, had also done theirs. The RV world, is a very
small.  We talked about the parks, and told them we had just come from South Jetty. The husband, immediately commented, you mean the ‘caves’ which was a perfect description of our site at South Jetty. The wife also did not like Pacific City TT, our next stop. I had been thinking about making a change to our reservations, so I did that in the
afternoon, extending our stay here at Whalers Rest through to Sunday, then we
move to the Pacific City TT.

Bob had discovered that somewhere on our travels we had lost the cap to our black tank vent on the roof. So we went to town to pick up a cover at an RV supply store. While we were running errands, we stopped by the Honda dealership and ordered the 2 stage fuse that we were unable to buy in Utah. We continued north to the Walmart for a few items, then back south to The Newport Candy and Ice Cream shop for a treat. This was a cute little ice cream store which also sold Jelly Belly jelly beans and chocolate candies, as well as Dreyers and Tillamook ice cream. I had a scoop of German Chocolate and Bob had a scoop of Black Cherry, both Tillamook. Tillamook is a famous cheese producer, here on the west coast, so we were curious as to their ice cream. We plan to tour the Tillamook factory during our travels up the coast. There is also another local ice cream, the Umpqua, which we still have to sample. Hey, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it, so we are reluctantly volunteering. 8-))

We returned to the motor home, I re-read my second article revision and emailed that off to my editor, and Bob put the new cap on the roof vent. Bob grilled a brat for himself and a lamb chop for me, while I steamed some fresh corn and made a salad for dinner.

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