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Friday June 10- Quiet day and Elks Lodge dinner

We woke up late, 7:40. I had my conference call at 8. I went to check the phone and I had no bars! I ended up, outside, in by bathrobe and slippers, trying to get 3 bars. My contact at the insurance company forgot to call, so here I was outside, freezing. So I called her. They are still having issues with their data, so she really could not talk to me. We re-scheduled for Monday. I checked my email, and my editor had sent an email asking me to update some articles for another author who had not responded to requests by the editor to update his own articles.  So I said yes, as these articles then become mine. So I worked on articles all day and did laundry. At 3 PM we went to town to see if we could find a new indoor/outdoor thermometer.  When driving out of the campground, we spotted this motor home whose owners had painted their satellite dish. Someone has a sense of humor.

I had given Bob the indoor/out door thermometer  for Christmas in 2007, in anticipation of us leaving on our  journey in June 2008. It is an LL Bean and we decided it didn’t really owe us anything, as we have used it for 4 years. We could not find one, so we will look tomorrow when we are in Eugene.  We went to dinner at the Elks Lodge in Florence, as they had an inexpensive  prime rib dinner advertised. The food was good, but the service was slow. They had not expected a crowd, since it was graduation night,  but that that is what  they got! The volunteers kept apologizing. They were running like crazy, so much so, that we considered jumping up to help.

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