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Friday June 3- Sutherlin to Bandon OR

Friday June 3- I had my conference call this morning and they asked me to continue through Tuesday! They changed  measures on me again, so I have to start up from where I left off on two of the measures several weeks ago. I worked for a couple of hours, then we drove south on I-5 to just south of Roseburg. We stopped in at the Love’s Truck Stop for diesel, $4.19 a gallon. UGH! The attendant had to run the Discover card through three times to fill the tank.  I don’t even want to think about how much that cost! At least we should not have to buy diesel again until we reach Washington State.

We drove west on Rt. 42 across to Coquille. It was a nice drive on a pretty road. Then Bob turned the motor home south onto 42S. Bad move, but then he had no way of knowing this. Rt. 42S was a very narrow road, with a marsh, about 10-15ft down on the right side. It was a scary 17 mile drive to Rt. 101. We made it, with me closing my eyes most of the trip!

At Rt. 101, we turned north for about 2 miles to Bullard Beach State Park. This is my kind of camping! We did not make reservations, but they had plenty of sites available. We were able to move into a 50 amp, full hook up site Here is Bob starting our campfire. The site was beautiful, with shade trees. Eventually we had people on both sides of us, but we never saw or heard them. It was so peaceful, other than the fog horn in the distance. Here are the dogs checking out one of our trees.  We used our new portable satellite dish. We had decided to buy one last summer and Bob researched which on he wanted. It is automatic, so that means that we can get satellite TV where ever it can see a satellite. Our dish that is on the motor home roof sometimes cannot see the satellite.

We walked around the park enjoying the evening. We had chosen a site in the “B” section of the park, as there is a path over the dunes to the ocean, but unfortunately it was closed due to high water. Oh well, it is only a short way to the beach. I worked on HEDIS for several hours, finishing one of the measures.

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