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Thursday June 2, 2011- Sutherlin OR

Thursday June 2- We had a very quiet day. I worked on HEDIS until after lunch. We went to the bank and returned the DVD at the Redbox outside the McDonalds by I-5.

We kept driving on the county road to the Rochester Covered Bridge.

There are several covered bridges in the area, but this was the closest. This was built by veteran Oregon covered bridge builder Floyd C. Frear in 1933.  It has a Howe truss span and side windows with  graceful, curved tops.

 Below the windows, the wide sill, drains rain water into the river below. The bridge is 80 ft. long, had a wooden floor and  is owned by the county.

Since it was still early, we went to the Reustle Prayer Rock Vineyard. A family owned vineyard which opened in 2004. They have won a number of awards. It was pouring rain when we arrived, so I did not get pictures, but they have put a lot of money into this vineyard and the landscaping. Gloria Reustle (pronounced russel), the owner met us and told us about their wines. They did not have any sweet wines, which I like, but Bob tried their two whites and three reds. He did not like any enough to buy them, but said that anyone who likes red wine should really like some of their reds. Gloria said that Henry’s vineyard down the road had some sweet wines, so we went there next.

Henry’s is an older vineyard which started selling in 1980.

 Scott Henry, the owner, started a revolutionary trellising system for vines that is now used worldwide. We liked two of their wines, the White Riesling and the Veraison, which is a blush blend. Both were very light and we bought a bottle of each to throw into our wine cellar, which in the summer, is the top shelf of the refrigerator, since they were cold. If they were room temp they would have gone into the wine drawer. There were several more vineyards in the vicinity, but we needed to be able to drive back to the RV park. The dogs had a long walk, then it started to rain, again….

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