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June 1 2011- Sutherlin and Roseburg OR

Wednesday June 1- One year on the road! Today is our first anniversary of full timing. The time has gone really fast! Would we do this again, YES! We love this lifestyle. There is so much to see and do!

 It is still raining, although they are predicting sun on the weekend. I worked on HEDIS again this morning. We drove around the park to check things out and saw these deer in one of the sites.

We drove south to Roseburg. Roseburg was a lumber industry town, and is now a popular recreational center. We stopped at the Walmart for Bob to drop off a prescription, but Walmart wanted $ 170 for the med, so he is mailing it to Medco. Our next stop was the Visitor’s Center. They were overly helpful, almost to the point of being obnoxious. We picked up a few brochures, and asked for suggestions of a restaurant  for lunch. The gentleman there suggested Applebees. Ugh! We pointed out that we want a local restaurant. Another worker suggested the Blackbird Bar and Grill which was in the downtown area. We walked in and turned around and walked out again. The prices were outrageous. We ended up at Shari’s, a place like Denny’s. We had seen a number of them, they seem to be a local chain. The food was very good. We stopped at Radio Shack to replace our A-B switch for the TV ( Walmart did not have any of them). Then we went to Sherm’s Thunderbird grocery store. Hmmm, you would have thought that they were giving away free food! The place was mobbed. Note to self, never go to one of these on a Saturday! It was a warehouse type grocery store with excellent prices and a very good selection. We were able to buy almost everything on our list, but did end up at the Alberstons for a few items. We had a full cart at Thunderbird and only paid $50 for groceries, so it was worth the trip there. It is interesting that the canned goods, at all the grocery stores, are more expensive than they were in Breckenridge. A can of green beans is $0.85, $0.68 even at Walmart, and we were used to $0.50 in Breck.

 It had stopped raining just before we arrived at the Thunderbird, but started up again and it has been pouring ever since. We watched the second Wall Street movie which was pretty good.

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  1. Thanks, I enjoyed traveling with you and the dogs. Very informative, educational and entertaining.

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